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Welcome to Thistledown & Co. Thanks for stopping by to shop my quilt patterns and my other helpful quilting products. I also have some free download projects, some how-to's, and sewing tips, so browse around a bit and get inspired.
Start with the book.....

Quilter's Q & A 
- answers to your most important quilting questions.
This handy book is compact, yet loaded with so much useful quilting knowledge. 
It has fully laminated pages to write on with dry erase markers.
It is an excellent quilt reference book with frequently used techniques, sizing, setting triangle formulas, decimal conversions, and so much more... right at your fingertips.
It continues to be a customer favorite and I'm happy to say it's back in stock ready to ship. You'll want to keep it in your sewing basket because of all the helpful important tips and essential quilt formulas. This link will take you right to the order page.
Order the Quilter's Q & A book today for yourself or any of your dear quilting friends.

                         Quilters Q and A book by Linda Zokan


Have you tried Whisperlite yet?
You'll love
my versatile Whisperlite tracer foundation fabric. It is a fantastic, ultra lightweight foundation for your quiltmaking.  Use it instead of a muslin foundation for string or foundation pieced quilts. It doesn't add bulk or heaviness to your string quilt and there is no need to remove it. Here's the link for Whisperlite

Think of all the time you'll save. Use Whisperlite instead of paper, for foundation piecing paper-pieced quilts. The Whisperlite foundation fabric will stabilize bias edges and no tearing out paper when you're done.
For more great uses of Whisperlite tracer foundation fabric click on the how-to page link.

                  Whisperlite quilt foundation by Thistledown & Co
       "A day without stitching is like a day without sunshine."

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quilt patterns and Whisperlite tracer by Thistledown and Co.

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Click on the Whisperlite button (above) to discover more about this versatile new quilting product.  

Then, start browsing around my site and I'm sure you'll find a great new quilt pattern to make, or a new quilting technique to try.      
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