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free sewing pattern downloads to enjoy, including instructions for making my Wool Smoothie table runner and a community project Softy-O's
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Hi, isn't it fun being able to have access to things we want in such an immediate manner?
On this page you'll find downloads in PDF form that you can download and print out at home. All you'll need is Adobe Reader, which you probably already have, and if not you can find it online and it's free, and then of course a printer.

The downloads on this page are free.
I just ask that you give credit when credit is due and to share where you found it. The free instructions for making Softy-O's are intended for charitable use and not to be used for commercial gain. Thank you in advance.

Keep creating and having fun.

The newest downloads are listed first so if you don't find the one you want just keep scrolling down.....

Hi, here is the free pattern download for the Woolfelt® table runner using my new technique for making Wool Smoothies.
For additional images and decorative stitch hints click on the Whisperlite tab/page.
Enjoy and check back soon for more

3.6 MB

Looking for a community project?
Here is the free PDF download for making Softy-O's What is a Softy-O?
It's a charitable project benefiting children, that you, or a group of you, can participate in. For more info go to    Thanks!

Click below for the free PDF downloads. The first file is for the detailed sewing instructions for Softy-O's. The second file is for the full size Softy-0 template.

Softy-Os instructions.pdf
3.8 MB

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Here are some completed Softy-O's.....
Oley-O's instructions by Linda Zokan

Here's a download for some whimsical Holiday Napkin ties.
click here for the instructions to make these Christmas napkin ties.
DIY from Thistledown & Co


If you are making/ or made the cute little Color My Garden quilt and are looking for the PDF instructions for the matching harvest bag shown below, just click here.

I shared this download with you to celebrate National Quilting Day,
If you are new to quilting this table topper is a great little project to "test drive" quilting. As always please share where you found this, but above all ... share your quilting knowledge and skills with others so they may enjoy our craft as well.
            This topper measures approx. 22" square.

The model (above) of this table topper was made with commercially printed fabrics and sun printed fabrics that were manipulated the same as for Shibori (tie dyeing).
Sun printing is easy, fun and is a no-fuss, no-muss way to express your creativity. Click here to see the kits available.

To find out more about Shibori (tie dye) process google Shibori or tie dye techniques.

Click here and here to download the free PDF file (2 pages) for the instructions to make the quilted table topper.

Want to know more about my BFF (best friends forever) paper doll quilt patterns and my Swap-plique technique?

My Swap-plique technique turns ordinary appliques into swap-pliques that you can change and reposition for endless fun! All of the outfits hairdo's and accessories can be mixed and matched on all of my BFF paper doll quilt patterns.
You may have a hard time deciding which one to start with.

This is the one that started it all.....
cute little dresses, hairdo's and pets to mix and match.
               Yes there's one for Halloween too!


Below, it shows some of the assembled costumes getting ready to be cut out... It's so much fun digging through the scrap box for the perfect fabrics. Parts of this Trick or Treat paper doll quilt uses glow in the dark fabric for added fun.


and here's a peek at the BFF Winter Holly Days........


             and don't forget Springtime.....

To order any of the BFF paper doll quilt patterns just click here and I'll ship them out quick as a wink.
*free shipping on orders over $25.00 too.

Here are some bonus downloads for BFF fans.....

This download is for all of you that are having so much fun with my BFF paper doll quilt patterns. It's a download-able pattern for a Valentine's dress like you see here. Plus a heart to decorate your BFF quilt with. Click here to download the PDF file for the dress..


Click here to download this jaunty beret design for your BFF paper doll quilt. It looks fabulous with the winter coat in the BFF Winter Holly Days pattern or with one of the cute dresses in the BFF Dresses & Do's pattern.