Thistledown & Company
quilt patterns with a playful fusion of fiber & creativity
Linda Zokan ~ designer

About us

I love to stitch! Thistledown and Company is my business in which I design quilt patterns and other small sewing projects to inspire you.  I also developed a super useful product called Whisperlite tracer/foundation. Click on the Whisperlite tab for more info.  Some of my quilt patterns and projects are playful and whimsical, while others are more serious and sophisticated. Some stitch up in a jiffy and others take more time and effort. I hope you'll find just the right quilt pattern or sewing pattern for yourself.

You'll find quilt patterns of all types, including cute interactive paper doll quilt patterns, patterns for pieced quilts, string pieced quilt patterns, applique quilt patterns, wool stitching projects, bag patterns, a fun hot pad pattern, and you'll also find other fun, useful, creative, and quilty things on my site! 

Besides my quilt patterns, There's also my very popular laminated quilting reference book
 "Quilter's Q & A" check it out today.